Virtual Tours – creating a 360 Panorama

I was keen to see if it was possible to create a DIY 360 virtual tour  – an interactive and bloggable file – and after searching around, I found this article at Tucows using software at In principe it seems easy enough: shoot, sitch, share.

Here’s the resulting panorama:

Garden Panorama

Garden Panorama

Here’s the resulting 360 tour:

360 Virtual Tour

Wow! I’m impressed!

What’s the best free 360 virtual tour software out there that you’ve used? Do you have any tips for “getting it right”?  Leave a message and let me now

An audio visual tour of the Cally

Here’s a beautiful audio and visual of London’s Caledonian Road from the by oral historian Alan Dein.

Caledonian Road - an audio visual trail

Caledonian Road - an audio visual trail

It’s a stunning weave of audio commentary and interview, together with a combination of archive footage and specially commissioned portraits linked into an interactive map – allowing you not only to listen and watch in a linear fashion, but to skip back and forth to different stops along the mile-and-a-half-long road.

And it brings the place the place to life; you feel as though you are there.

By providing a pdf map with additional descriptions and the ability to download the tour to your mp3 player, you can take online offline, and indulge in a private guided trip down Caledonian Road.

 He says:

The availability of cheap, increasingly sophisticated technology has meant that sound trails have become increasingly more popular to make and distribute. Hopefully, we in turn will become more and more adventurous in the way we interpret and disseminate the stories of the places around us.

You can read about the making the map here, or interact direct here.

Have you seen any other good audio visual tours on the web? Leave a message and let me now